I promote courage for growth and collaboration in the workplace.

I'm a professional keynote speaker based from London. I empower audiences to use courage to overcome challenges. Through masterclasses, keynotes, and coaching, I've seen workplaces transform as employees embrace resilience and determination.


True courage comes from within. As you clarify your identity and values, you'll align your goals and strengths with your work, empowering purposeful action.

Take Action

Having conviction in your purpose means trusting your life's deeper meaning. As it becomes clearer, you'll gain the strength to overcome fears and adapt, moving boldly toward your goals.

Show Resilience

Embrace daily practices for self-improvement, allowing small steps forward to reinforce your commitment to growth.

"From Shadows to Courage: My Journey Explored”

"Explore my journey from a timid young boy to a fearless risk-taker and discover the lessons I've learned along the way. Delve into my experiences of navigating the entertainment industry and action sports for nearly two decades, where success and failures have shaped my path to professional and personal growth.

Reflections from a Lifetime of Adventure

Embark on a journey with me as I distill three decades of global exploration and living life on the fast track. Discover with me the most profound lessons from mentors, friends, and family, along with insights gained from surviving a decade in the heart of the world's most dangerous sport.

"From Daredevil to Entrepreneur: Unveiling Courage in Keynote Speeches”

Through real-life experiences and personal anecdotes, I offer valuable insights on confronting fear, embracing uncertainty, and cultivating courage. Discover how my personal journey resonates with individuals, instilling a sense of optimism and determination to confront challenges with resilience and confidence.

Inspiring Courage Ignites Success.

Awaken the Courage Within YOU.

Partner with me to achieve success!

Iiro has performed thousands of times in front of live audiences. Some client testimonials include:
"Iiro's Anatomy of Fear keynote at the Iris Audio Technologies kick-off was transformative, deeply inspiring our team and fostering a positive shift in our work culture."
— Jacobi Anstruther,
CEO & Founder at IRIS Audio Technologies
"I heard Iiro speak about risk-taking at the Bernina Gran Turismo event in St. Moritz, and it was enlightening. I recommend him as a captivating speaker with valuable insights."
— Kurt Engelhorn
Founder of Bernina Gran Turismo
"I attended Iiro's keynote where he shared insights on risk evaluation in life-threatening situations. We highly recommend Iiro's speeches for fresh perspectives on risk assessment."
— Mike Reed
Senior Partner, Frog Capital
Having experienced his keynote speeches, I can attest to his inspiring insights into life's challenges. I wholeheartedly recommend Iiro for any speaking engagement or collaboration."
— Pertti Kaijasilta
CEO & Producer, DigiScoop
Absolutely amazing performance - heartfelt thanks! We gained inspiration and energy, empowerment and plenty of guidance.
Marketta Hakkanen
Bayer Pharmaceutical, Finland

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