Losing my (blogging-) Virginity

March 17, 2024

Welcome to read my first blog!

At this early stage of my new blogging journey, it’s highly likely that you, my readers, are my friends and already know my story.

For new readers, let me introduce myself with a question that makes every native Finn a bit uncomfortable: Who are you and what do you do?

Let’s start with my first name IIRO.

Sounds Japanese, especially if you pronounce it quickly, but it originates from Finland, just like myself.

If I had gotten a dime when seeing my first name misspelled, I’d be a rich man. I’ve answered different versions of my name anywhere from Liro (most usually) and Irio to Airo and Axel.

Yes, you heard right. Axel. It was my stage name when got tired of seeing my name misspelled while I was performing as an international illusionist. But let’s get back to my roots.

If I had to condense my entire life into one sentence, this might be the most fitting option:

“I’ve always followed my passions and managed to turn them into my profession.”

It sounds a bit vague, but I can have another minute for a quick elevator pitch to determine whether I’m going to write something unique or interesting to you.

I became a well-known television magician in Finland in my late teens. This career also led to international success and even bigger and more daring feats.

I hung suspended in straitjackets from burning ropes and learned to hold my breath underwater, and when I started practicing skydiving, I fell in love with the sense of freedom it brought.

I had performed thousands of times on stages around the world, and I began to feel that life had more to offer. I heeded the call of freedom and decided to find a way to support myself through BASE jumping.

It was a years-long love affair during which I participated in world records and was part of the first-generation wingsuit movement. My athletic career eventually ended in a serious accident and permanent injury. I was forced to stop and reinvent myself.

With the self-confidence gained from facing my fears, I dared to pursue my dreams in Hollywood. Years of hard work they eventually led me to become a Hollywood film producer.

I also spent ten years in China, where I was the World Wingsuit League (WWL) president, and hundreds of millions of people have seen the impact of my work.

Freelancers movie was shot in Louisiana and in NYC.

After a few very active decades, I have been living a peaceful family life in my new home country, England.

After years of hustle, I’ve had the opportunity to focus on my mental well-being, and I’ve begun to better understand what drove me to do life-threatening things almost compulsively.

While I’ve been learning to understand myself, I’ve been exploring mental well-being and the origins of fears and other impulses.

I’ve used what I’ve learned to help others live with less fear, and I feel passionate about sharing my experiences with new listeners.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing thoughts on facing fear, passion, overcoming adversity, and creativity.

Welcome aboard!

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