Facing the Fear of Failure

March 17, 2024

The fear of failure can be paralyzing, preventing us from taking risks and pursuing our dreams. But what exactly does failure mean?

All persons who have created significant things, from nothing, have learned how to handle failure.

Failure is part of every company’s or persons growing story. 

For success you need experience and knowledge -> 

Those are gained by learning ->

In order to do things correctly, we have to fail everyone now and then.

In our journeys, we’ve learned that failure is not the end, but rather a stepping stone to success. 

It’s about giving our best, learning from our experiences, and refusing to give up.

Failure only occurs when we stop trying.


As a young magician in Finland, I had dreams of international success. When the opportunity to perform on Late Night with David Letterman presented itself, I couldn’t resist. It was a chance to showcase my talents to millions of viewers, including celebrities like Geena Davis.

The excitement quickly turned to fear as the reality of the situation sank in. What if something went wrong on live television? Would I be able to handle the pressure?

Despite my nerves, I was determined to run with the opportunity. My plan was to saw Oscar winner actress Geena Davis in half with a chainsaw in a see-trough box. 

We rehearsed tirelessly in Hollywood before making our way to the iconic Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York.


The weeks leading up to my performance, my heart raced with anticipation. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, but it also came with immense pressure. 

If the performance fails, I won’t get any more gigs as a magician. In the entertainment industry, you are often only as good as your last performance, and I’ll lose my livelihood.

I also feared losing the respect of my colleagues. I’ll become a common joke. Everyone will abandon me.

I’ve never publicly talked about this, but my performance failed miserably!

My assistant hadn’t properly fastened the screws of the chainsaw, and the part holding the blade came loose.

Letterman cut to a commercial break, and I never got to show the transparent box to the audience.

Unfortunately, my worst fears came true – my performance failed miserably.

In the aftermath, I was devastated. I feared that my career was over and that I would become a laughingstock in the industry. 

But all the stress and worry I endured amounted to nothing. I had invested so much energy into something that turned out to be just a figment of my imagination.

However, despite the setback, I refused to let fear dictate my future. Instead of giving up, I continued to perform gigs in Finland, and to my surprise, my popularity continued to rise.


So, what is greater: our passion for success or our fear of failure?

There’s always the fear that our efforts will go unnoticed, or worse, be met with criticism.

But we’ve come to realise that allowing fear to dictate our actions only limits our potential.

In the end, let’s face our fear of failure head-on, using it as a catalyst for growth and resilience.

Let’s refuse to let fear stop us from achieving our goals and living fulfilling lives.

Together, let’s embrace the challenges, learn from our failures, and keep moving forward with courage and determination

Iiro Seppanen

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