“Embracing Nomad Life”

March 18, 2024

Growing up, I didn’t have many opportunities to travel. Every weekend, I was glued to the TV, captivated by David Attenborough’s documentaries showcasing our planet’s rich diversity of life.

I admired his courage in facing wildlife, especially sharks. The mere thought of swimming in those same waters seemed daunting. After watching “Jaws,” I even imagined shark attacks in the lakes of Finland.

Those nature documentaries planted a seed of curiosity in me that took years to bloom into action, turning my dreams of wildlife adventures into reality, but I will save them for another post.

I’ve always been vocal about finding your passion. For me, it’s been the driving force behind a lifetime of travel.

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Magic tricks were my first passion. Unable to sing or dance, magic became my creative outlet. Stepping onto a stage in front of live audiences terrified me, but my passion pushed me past that fear, allowing me to enjoy performing.

Before the internet, I belonged to the last generation of magic students who learned the craft the hard way. We sought mentors, learned countless tricks, and eventually mastered the art of illusion.

Magic and networking opened doors to travel. As my skills improved, companies flew me to perform in different countries. Though my schedule was tight, I always made time to explore new cultures, gaining insight into diverse ways of life.


After my stage career, I embarked on a new adventure as a pro-adventurer, getting paid to travel to exotic locations far from the bright lights of theatres.

Seeing advertisements for famous landmarks at travel agencies still fills me with nostalgia for my earlier adventures, like BASE-jumping from those very spots.

After a career-ending injury, I continued traveling the world, working as an on-location producer and sometimes even as a nature photographer. 

Two years before my 40th birthday, I counted the countries I’d visited, nearing 100. I set a goal to reach 100 before the milestone.

I packed up my life in Los Angeles and embarked on a journey that has become my lifestyle. Traveling has been a constant since my late teens, shaping my gypsy lifestyle.

To date, I’ve visited 122ountries, meeting incredible people along the way. Traveling has taught me that despite our differences, we share more in common than we realise.

In every culture and country, there’s something to appreciate and critique. It’s not just about visiting places; it’s about leaving a positive impact, whether through a smile, a shared story, or a lasting friendship.

In future blogs, I’ll delve deeper into my travels and share some of my best travel tips.

Bon voyage!


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